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What is Aromatherapy?
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Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils in massage oil blends for therapeutic effects.
Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being.

The inhaled aroma from these "essential" oils is widely believed to stimulate brain function. Essential oils can also be absorbed through the skin, where they travel through the bloodstream and can promote whole-body healing.

A form of alternative medicine, aromatherapy is gaining momentum. It is used for a variety of applications, including pain relief, mood enhancement and increased cognitive function.

There are a wide number of essential oils available, each with its own healing properties.

At Sanford Massage & Wellness we use high quality, first distillation oils, which are Pharmaceutical, and/or Therapeutic grade and contain the highest qualities of the essential oil and that are gently and carefully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy.

Each essential oil is also carefully and thoroughly tested using the strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality protocol.

Experienced essential oil users will immediately recognize the superior quality standard for naturally safe, purely effective pharmaceutical or therapeutic-grade  essential oils. Every essential oil has its own unique healing properties when inhaled through the nose or absorbed into the body via massage.
What ever the issue, there is an essential oil to help.Choose your aroma or let the massage therapist certified in Aromatherapy pick an oil or blend to met your needs.
Aromatherapy can be added to ANY treatment at no extra cost!

 Blends  available are:
   1 .Black Currant Vanilla ~Promotes deep relaxation. An exotic blend of black currant and vanilla known for their stress relieving properties, and also the ability to strengthen the immune system, this blend will deepen your relaxation and fight stress.
   2. Lavender and Lime ~Lavender to relax and calm inflammation and Lime to rejuvenate and support immune system function.  This blend will leave both relaxed and refreshed.

  3. Unwind ~ Relaxes the mind and body while creating a sense of peace and well- being.  Helps promote Sleep. Features Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, and Hawaiian Sandalwood and Vanilla Bean.

4. Stressed Out ~ A blend of Lavender, Chamomile and Vetiver. This blend will melt stress and anxiety away, deeply relaxing.
5. Energizing ~ Awaken and energize your body with this combination of with a fresh blend of citrus fruits, will calm and refresh you.

6. Balance ~ A grounding blend that has a warm woody aroma to create a sense of calmness and well being. Features Spruce, Frankincense and Rosewood.

7. Peace ~ Helps bring peace back into your life.  It has an uplifting,
stimulating, and restorative effect on you when you inhale the aroma.  This blend is full of cheering oils that help you dispel depression and anger.  It helps you stop fear, anxiety, and stress from taking over your life.  Peace can also help you relieve debilitating grief.  Features, Litsea, Lime, Red Mandarin, Pink Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Tangerine.

I use Jade Bloom Essential Oils and Blends


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