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As Massage Therapists our goal is to help bring our clients back to a healthy balanced, pain free state. We have had extensive training in many different areas to accomplish this. We will assess your situation and come up with a plan for your session to help get you back to optimal health.

Keep in mind that it can take multiple sessions to get you back to normal and that you should get a massage at least once a month after your pain is gone to keep that pain from coming back. Sometimes clients pain is due to injury and sometimes it's to to overuse, or bad posture. Sometimes those aches, pains, and knots took years to get there, so don't expect one session to be the magic pill that fixes it. You may feel 10 times better after the first massage, but the issue may not be total fixed. No we are not trying to take your money by making you come back again and again for no reason. We genuinely want to help you, sometimes it just takes time. Ideally with a chronic pain or injury we would like to see you weekly or biweekly for several sessions, then has you pain decreases or goes away completely we would like to see you every month for maintenance.

One of the best things you as a client can do to help us help you is to let us know what worked or didn't work well during your session. Sometimes you may not know until the next day weather or not the massage helped. We encourage your feed back so we can adjust our technique or try something new. Please, Please don't ever feel bad about saying to us, "hey that technique you did last time just didn't seem to get my problem area well, can we try something different?" We would be happy to work with you to figure out how to alleviate your issue. Even though we always try our best to work all the muscles related to your pain and to release them during a session sometimes it doesn't work as well or relieve that pain for as long as we hoped. Communication is key, during and after a session. Never be afraid to ask for more pressure or less pressure or if something feels uncomfortable like the face rest cradle please say something. WE are here to help you.

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