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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Do I Wear To A Massage Session?

Answer:  Your normal clothes.  You will get undressed to your level of comfort, if you want to leave your underwear on that's fine.  For women, We do ask that you take your bra off so we can easily massage your back, but if you are uncomfortable doing so you may leave it on and we will work around it or ask you to unhook it when we get to your back.

2. How Early Should I Be There For My Session?

Answer:  If you are a new client that we have not seen before there will be a Health History form you will have to fill out.  Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to do this.  If we have seen you before then 5 to 10 minutes early is still a good Idea so we can discuss what areas you want work on or what needs you might have.  Please do not arrive any earlier that 15 minutes prior to your session.  We make time in between sessions to change the table over for the next client, set up any extras they might need like foot scrub and grab a bite to eat/drink or use the bathroom.  This is to make sure you get the most out of your session and we are not rushed and can give each client the attention they deserve.

3. What if I want more pressure or less pressure then what I am getting during my session?

Answer:  Please speak up and let us know if we are going to deep or not deep enough.  Massage should feel good and not painful, unless we are working on a specific injury, but even then we will always stay with in your pain tolerance.

4. If I have a cold should I reschedule?

Answer: YES!  If you are just getting a cold, have a cold, or are just getting over a cold or have COVID or COVID like symptoms. PLEASE DO NOT COME IN.  This is for two reasons. 

1. The massage is going to make you feel worse for a few days because massage affects the lymphatic system, .

2. You can spread your cold germs to us and possibly any clients that come in after you. 

If We get your cold we will have to cancel our clients until we feel better and so they don't get sick.  Also because we, we don't have paid sick time or Holiday time or vacation time.  That means we can lose a day or more of income that we need to keep the business running, pay employees and to bring home to pay personal bills as well, so we will be strictly enforcing this for your health and ours.

5. If the weather is bad and I can not give a 24 hr notice of cancellation, will I be charged?

Answer: NO, there are 3 exceptions to our 24 hr cancellation policy.

1. If you wake up sick

2. If there is an emergency

3. If the weather is bad

NOTE: The abuse of this policy will result in me charging 50% of the session or forfeit of gift certificate or package session.

6. If I can not make my appointment can I send someone else in my place?

Answer:  Yes, we would love that! and I bet so would the person you are sending in your place.  You will not be charged for the missed session if you send someone else in your place, but please let us know so we know who to expect and don't accidently turn them away.

7. Can I share my package sessions with someone else?

Answer:  YES,  please share the love of massage with someone you care about.  If you don't want to use them all yourself you can gift them to someone else, we just ask that you let us know before the session that you want them to use part of your package.  It is also a great way to save money if two or more of you split the cost of the package and then split the package sessions.

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