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Policies & Precedures

What We Expect From Our Clients 



  • Be on time. Sessions begins and ends at scheduled times. If the client is late, the session still falls in schedule time and client will still pay session price.  If it is your first session please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to schedule time to complete health history and assessment.   If you are running late please call or text and let us know, if after 30 minutes you have not arrived we will automatically reschedule you. 


  •  Client will NOT be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.      



  •  If cancellation is necessary, please give 24 hour notice or you will be charged 50% of the session price. See Cancellation Policy 

  •   if you pre paid your session and cancel it and prefer a refund instead of rescheduling, you will be charged a $30 cancellation fee for each session you want a refund for.  NO EXCEPTIONS! 


  •  Payment is expected at the time of service.  Unless you are under Worker's Comp. Note that you will be responsible to pay any co-pays or for any part of the session your Worker's Comp Company does not cover.  We do accept cash, checks, credit cards, FSA and HSA cards.


  •  I have a ZERO tolerance policy regarding any inappropriate behavior. ANY Inappropriate behavior and the session ends immediately. You will be responsible for paying the full price of that session and a police report may be filed.


  •  There will be no smoking in office or treatment room.  


  •  If you have a cold/flu or fever or Covid or Covid like symptoms, please don't spread the germs and reschedule. Therapist reserves the right to cancel a session if Therapist feels the client is too sick or contagious to be worked on.  You will not be charged a cancelation fee if you are sick, as long as you don't abuse the sick policy.


  •  Be clean, having showered the same day as the treatment.


  • If a check should be returned to us for insufficient funds, the client will pay the amount of the check plus the banks fee of $30.00

What clients can expect from Us:     


  •  Our profession ascribes to a code of ethical behavior, which is available upon request.  We follow all of the statements in this ethical code and have strong beliefs that therapists and their clients shouldn’t engage in intimate social relationships.   


  •  Personal and professional boundaries are respected at all times.      


  •  We perform services for which we are qualified (professionally, physically, and emotionally) and able to do, and refer to appropriate specialists when work is not within our scope of practice or not in the client’s best interest.  


  •  We customize our treatments to meet the client’s needs.  


  •   We keep accurate records and review charts before each session.   


  •   We respect all clients regardless of their age, gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, body type, political affiliation, state of health and personal habits.


  •  We are available to our clients between the hours of 9:30am and 7pm, clients may reach us through our answering service on a 24hour basis or by text, 207-850-1014 or email,  Facebook or Instagram @sanfordmassage.  We will respond during normal business hours only. 

  •  We return calls within 24 hours unless we are out of town or it is our scheduled day off.    


  •  Clients are treated with respect and dignity.    


  •  If we are late for a session, the session will last the full time scheduled.  


  •  Privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times.  


  •  We stay current with information and techniques by reading, receiving regular treatments and/or taking at least one workshop a year.  


  •  If we need to cancel an appointment, we give a 24 hour notice, unless an  emergency arises and we can not give a 24 hour notice, then we will do our best to reschedule you as soon as possible.     


  • Our equipment and supplies are clean and safe.   


  •  Clients are draped with a sheet and/or blanket at ALL times during the session.  Only parts of the body being worked on are exposed at any time.  The genitals are NEVER exposed or massaged. 

  • If you are not satisfied with your massage session for any reason you WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.  


  •  We the therapists reserve the right to refuse or end any session at any time for any reason.



No Call/ No Show Policy 


If you do not call and do not show up for your scheduled appointment our policy is as follows:


1st offense you will be charged 50% of the missed session.

Unless you are using a gift certificate or package or have pre paid, the gift certificate or package or pre payment will be used to cover your missed appointment.

IF not using a gift certificate, you will be billed or your credit card (if you have one on file with me) will be charged unless you contact me to use a different payment method.


2nd offense you will be charged full price for the missed appointment and you can no longer book via our online scheduling system.  You will have to prepay all future appointments. If you are using a gift certificate or package or have pre paid, the gift certificate or package or pre payment will be used to cover your missed session.


3rd offense  If you have been required to prepay your appointment and you need to cancel and do not wish to reschedule it, Please still give a 24 hour notice you will be refunded.

If you no call, no show their will be no refund and you will no longer be able to schedule appointments with us.


Inclement Weather Policy:

If the Sanford Schools have closed then your session may be canceled. We will call you prior to your appointment to let you know and reschedule.


If the weather is bad and you don't feel you should drive, please don't risk it.  Give us a call/text to reschedule, there is no fee if you reschedule due to bad weather conditions.

Policies & Procedures

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