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Take advantage of the following massage therapy packages to save money. 


Must be Pre Paid

(Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount) 


Can be purchased here or stop by the office.



Platinum Packages

Buy 10 60 Minute Swedish Massage Sessions $699     (regular price $800)


Gold Package

Buy 6 60 Minute Swedish Massage Sessions $419     (regular price $480)



Silver Package

Buy 3 60 Minute Swedish Massage Sessions $209     (regular price $240)

Package Rules:

1. you can split packages up between more than one person, just let me know ahead of time

2. If you have decided you no longer want your package or have changed your mind after purchase the refund policy is:

    You have 14 days from purchase date to change your mind and get a refund.  A $30 cancellation fee will be deducted from the refund as well as any sessions already used.  If no sessions have been used then you will get the full refund back minus the $30 cancellation fee.  After 14 days the refund is 80% of the package price if no sessions were use.  If you used any sessions after that 14 days they will be subtracted from the refund price and you will be refunded the remainder.

3. If asking for a refund, if you purchased the package with a credit card, then the refund will have to be put back on the same card you used to purchase it.  NO cash refunds will be given, unless you paid cash.  If you used a check then the check will have to have cleared the bank before I will give a cash refund.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

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