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A New Service

I have been working with essential oils now for a long time, I took a course to become a Certified Aromatherapist over 8 years ago. I am very passionate about using essential oils for EVERYTHING, cooking, cleaning, health issues and emotional issues. Those who are my clients know I use essential oils in my massage oil and to some of you I have recommended using certain essential oils. Now I have a way to help more of you get the benefits of essential oils with our new service "Aroma Session"

The Aroma Session uses a small tent called the Aromadome, over the table and upper half of the body, a cold air diffuser is used with an essential oil and the oil fills the tent which allows you to breathe more of the oil in versus it evaporating into the air. You get more of the oil directly into you. This is great for anything that ails you weather it's physical like a headache or emotional like stress. I am very excited to be able to offer this new service to all my clients and help them with their wellness needs. You can use the Aromadome as a 10 minute add on to either the beginning or end of a massage session or you can have a full 30 minute session using the Aromadome in which you are fully clothed and there is no massage involved. Here is a short video I made on the Aroma Session. Love & Light

10 Minute Add On=$10

30 Minute Tranquility & Bliss


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