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How I do Reiki With Gemstones

One of the new services at Sanford Massage & Wellness is Reiki with Gemstones and Aromatherapy.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese term meaning "Universal Life Energy"

It is an ancient healing technique which was rediscovered in the mid- 1800's by a Japanese Professor of Christianity.

Reiki attunement aligns the energy centers of the body known as "chakras", which allows the Universal Life Energy to flow through the body and out the hands to offer healing to oneself or another.

Reiki does not interfere with any religious or belief system. It is the simplest, an most gentle healing technique available. Reiki is 100% natural. It does not use the energy of the practitioner, it draws the Universal Life Energy through the practitioner so both the practitioner and the recipient receive the energy.

Reiki will not interfere with any other treatments. It will only enhance. Reiki is a complete system of healing and maintaining a natural state of well being. Reiki will ALWAYS go to the Highest Healing Good.

Reiki effectively relieves many symptoms including headaches, low energy, chronic illness, acute or chronic pain, anxiety, depression and stress.

I use Reiki to help people maintain a natural state of well being. I also recommend Reiki sessions along with massage to further the bodies ability to heal and also if tight sore muscles have stopped responding to massage. Because Reiki works on the energy level it can help with muscle pain that the body might be holding onto because of a block in one or more of the Chakras thus healing you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The body can hold onto disease and pain because of emotional or spiritual reasons and Reiki can help with these issues.

Gemstones, have their own unique vibrations that when place on the chakras and/or around the body can aid the Universal Life Energy to heal more effectively as well, the essential oils I use on the Chakras also aid in a more effective healing process.

Check out this video, a short sample of a Reiki treatment given at Sanford Massage & Wellness.

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